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Deppth Perception

Johnny Depp at a Screening of 21 Jump Street on October 4th 1989

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introducing Iggy Pop at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

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Johnny Depp - Tumblr textposts part 2

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I haven’t been on in what feels like FOREVER.
But when the Mortdecai trailer came out I legit went cray!!! It’s amaaaaaazzziingg.
Couldn’t stop laughing at his face at the end of the trailer, when he says that he’s got a man servant.
This movie is going to be goldeeeennnn

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i think we can all agree that we’ve waited long enough to finally see Johnny Depp’s face in Into The Woods. Meaning, we’ve waited every second since the beginning of time. Smarten up, Disney.

Please :)

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Leonardo DiCaprio & Johnny Depp


Look at BOTH of these great actors. It upsets me all anyone sees is Leo in this film :/

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Sweeney Todd

The only film that beats this for me is a Dark Shadows :)

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Cry-Baby (1990)


Johnny Depp as Officer Tom Hanson (21 Jump Street, 1986-1991)

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"How delectable!
Also undetectable!
How choice!
How rare!”

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Johnny Depp talks about his fans on the Today Show

I will never not be there for you.

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